A unique opportunity for new customers

We deliver our MacBooks personally to our customers and provide one hour of free support, such as training (new on Mac OS), data migration, migrating applications from a previous Mac, network and server settings. We provide a unique offer for each request, we strive to provide an appropriate service package for the order size. If you are interested in other sellers of Apple devices that you have not found, contact us, we will be glad to get it!

  • 12 month apple warranty
  • Multilingual Keyboard
  • Under market price
  • 1 hour free support for new customers
  • delivered within 36 hours


Many of our customers who do not use Mac are afraid that they will not understand the machine, they will not be able to get used to it. In that case, do always ask the question ” did you understood the iPhone when you bought it?” The answer is usually not.

Why the Mac OS?

Mac OS is a much simpler and more transparent operating system than Windows, and its main advantage (which we can not emphasize enough) is that there is one operating system for one computer family, unlike Windows, where there is one system for 1000 kinds of devices. In such cases, it is inevitable that compatibility issues arise due to the many different hardware used, while Apple continuously optimizes its own software for the machine family.


In fact, there are programs and applications that run only under Windows, but there is certainly a Mac alternative. Another aspect that causes uncertainty, the right compatibility in the corporate environment, but that is why we are!

Try it!

You also have the opportunity to try a Macintosh, if you did not like it, or you could not use it in full, only a small rental fee is charged for it! If you are unsure, or if you have any questions, please contact us, we will be able to help you.

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