Accidentally deleted data, demaged HDD, leaked computer, lightning strike, damaged reading head … There are many ways to lose your data, but they are not always lost. Mac data recovery with professional tools and security solutions from professionals! It’s very important that when you lose data stop using the computer, because it reduces the chance of the backup. Make backups on a continuous basis, if you do not know where to start it, get in touch with us!

  • Mac Data Recovery (HDD, SSD)
  • Pendrive, memory card, SSD data recovery
  • Data recovery from iPhone, iPad
  • Saving data after delete, formatting,
  • Backup and restore after virus attack
Mac adatmentés


For Mac laptops, we can try several options before physical intervention, such as accessing from another device, connecting the hard disk as an external drive, accessing the recovery partition, and software data backup. If none of these leads to results, our contracted partner will take care of your data. We can not emphasize how important it is to stop using the device when you experience loss of data!


In the case of Mac desktops, our possibilities are pretty much the same as for portable computers, with the difference that there are some 3.5 “drives. An iMac disassemble is a very complicated operation, it is not recommended to start without the perfect tools. It is very important that you immediately suspend the use of the device after detecting a data loss. In our Mac data recovery service we try to retrieve your data as soon as possible on the spot!


For iOS devices, our ability to connect to a computer is pretty much all, but our partner has repeatedly performed a successful recovery of broken, leaked devices. The source of the error can be due to many things, but it is also important that after losing the data, do not use the device anymore because it greatly reduces the chance of saving! It’s a good idea to back up your iPhone / iPad once a week to prevent any loss of your data, plus this with an iCloud backup!