helyszíni mac szerviz



In many cases, the problem is not hardware related, so it is more convenient to fix it on the spot. You do not have to wait at the service and you can be sure everything works where it needs to work! Our Mac on-site service is available throughout Hungary! Our drop off fee in Budapest is net 5000 HUF plus VAT, outside Budapest 5000 HUF plus 100 HUF / km plus VAT. The on-site service charge varies by the type of the work, inquire about our prices.

Mac on-site service includes:

  • Mac reinstall, setup, minor fixes, install programs
  • Connecting Peripherals (Installing Printers, Scanners, External Drives on a Mac)
  • Consulting, selecting the right programs for all your Apple products, Support
  • Email and Internet settings
  • Network settings
  • Wired and wireless network settings
  • Remove malicious software
  • Data migration and restoration
  • Updating the operating system
  • Maintenance of the operating system
Helyszíni Mac szerviz
Helyszíni Mac szerviz

Smart Home

You can expect to create, set up, and synchronize your entire home media center at our smart home service. We work with wireless, networking devices to avoid cable clutter in the apartment / house. We help you set up your Apple TV, synchronize it with your server and other Apple devices to keep track of your music, videos, and pictures. If you do not have any tools yet, contact us and we will help you with your selection and purchase!

The slow iMac

Due to the size of the iMac, it is difficult to bring it to the service, but if you’re not sure of the type of the problem, call us and we will try to fix it on spot. If you need to service your iMac at all, we undertake a full-scale operation in the door-to-door service, you can rent a replacement Mac from us as well. Based on our experience, errors have a higher percentage of software, so it is advisable to fix them at the site. If your old iMac is just in the corner, we’re happy to count in a new device’s price.