The slowdown of your device may be caused by the old hardware, but it could be better than the new ones. Find us and we tell you what you can get out of your machine, even from pennies!

  • MacBook SSD expansion up to 1TB size
  • Macbook memory expansion
  • Optimizing, reinstalling, downgrading the operating system
  • Mac upgrade – Installing Optibay
  • Installing a higher-speed HDD


The SSD has a great advantage over traditional hard drives, with no moving parts,  it can do much faster write and read speeds. You can replace the HDD, in which case the hard disk will be replaced by an SSD. However, if you need storage, removing the optical drive can be a solution to keep the HDD, and have both storage.


Today’s web pages and programs require a lot more physical memory for smooth work than a few years ago. If you experience a slowdown in your machine, you may need to think about expanding your memory so you can give it a new boost and get a long-running device! Write us the exact type of Mac, and within a few hours we’ll get back to you with the options.


As with iPhones, the machines will come to the point when you no longer want to install the latest operating system because your computer will be annoyingly slow. The good news is, that it is possible to restore an earlier version and make a long-running, perfect Mac from pennies. If you want to restore your OS to previous OS, please contact us and we let you know about the options.

Mac upgrade


HDDs (hard drives) are unfortunately gets damaged after a couple of years because of  the moving parts. Failure of the reading head, wear of the disk, wear of the bearings, these are all inevitable in the case of conventional hard disks. This is especially true for high-speed devices. Sector failures, file system errors and data loss are also happens usually. If you have any damages or data loss, please contact us, and we will try to save your lost data, with a high percentage of total success, within our data recovery service.