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If the problem can not be solved on the spot, an Apple authorized dealership will deal with your beloved device in the future, so we can guarantee the installation of the original parts. It is important to know if you are repairing in an unauthorized service, you lose your warranty. In many cases, a non-warranty device is also refused by the official Apple service if the machine was previously repaired by others. If you ask for repairs through us, we can provide a replacement device without a deposit on favorable rental terms.

Why should you repair through us?

  • You do not have to go to service, we pick it up and take it back
  • You will not stay without iPhone / MacBook
  • An original Apple component will be built in your device
  • 6 months warranty on the replacement part
  • We have priority in the service
  • Help in choosing a repair or not


Your device deserves to be cared for, it’s a good idea to incorporate the original parts into the right environment, by expert, manufacturer-certified Apple service technicians. For example, when an iMac is disassembled, the entire display will be uninstalled, requiring very special tools, which are not available in most of the third party service providers. If the repair is economical, you should definitely choose this, as your Apple device will surely be with you for a long time!

Not economical repair

For every technical product, the point will come when you no longer have to spend more on it, or the damage is so high that the value of the replaced parts is already costs a new device. We did not usually recommend fixing it, but it’s a good idea to trade it in a new device that you have the option of. We always try to give you a good price for your Apple device, especially if you bring the new one from Us. Check out our MacBook prices!

Old & Obsolete

Apple only manufactures parts for your device for a certain period of time, you can read more about it here. If you have any of these products and would like to fix it, please contact us, and we will definitely find a solution. We are Apple fans, we have a lot devices from the 90’s :). If you have a similar device, please write to us, we may also buy it at museum value!